Goranka Bjedov, a capacity software engineer at Facebook, cracked the audience up at a Girls in Tech/Facebook meetup in NYC. She spoke candidly about her career mistakes with lines like, “I’m really good at figuring things out 10 years after the fact.”

A few of her best tips were:

“Plan your career. Make a plan and figure out how to get there. Know where you want to be in 3, 5, 10 years. And check in with it to make sure that you’re not stuck.” 

She emphasized that having programming skills provides women with job security and financial independence.

‘Once you learn programming you can do literally anything you want anywhere you want.’

And in explaining why it is so valuable for a woman to learn coding she predicted that in the near future, “we’ll be teaching programming in elementary school because it will be a part of daily life.”

You can read Goranka Bjedov’s tips for programmers here.